We apply scientific evidence and human judgment to find the right fit for a role, team and organization.

Not like traditional personality tests, methods we use, focus on values, the ‘invisible’ element of good teamwork. Our data show how aligned the teams are and predict where challenges might occur so they can be prevented in future.

We can highlight your team dynamics with individual and team reports and teams get practical advice on how to deal with challenges, avoid conflict and work better together.

Team leaders can understand an in-depth analysis of what motivates the whole team and make informed decisions.


We visualizes the social bonds in any team in terms of PURPOSE, relationships, results, expertise, and energy. Simply, and in an illustrative and functional way.

Sociograph shows you clusters of people with strong social bonds within the team. 

The results:

  • Show the key influencers to work with
  • Visualize the barriers to cooperation or communication within your company
  • Pinpoint the key talents and tribe leaders to develop


We optimize your team based on unique strengths of individuals to boost performance by 10% and more!

Visualize and get to understand your team’s unique talentscollaborative opportunities together with top tips on better cooperation.

Foster trust, empathy and respect within your team by making them understand their commonalities as well as differences.

Strengths Finder tells you how you’re talented after taking 30 minutes questionnaire:

  • It identifies your top 5 – 34 talents.
  • It shows you how you’re special and tells you through your personalized plan of self-development how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths.

increase of engagement 

increase in profit


The world’s best builders share something in common. They are born with 10 talents that help them build and grow. Builder Profile 10 (BP10) can identify each of these 10 talents in you!

Intrepreneurial talents, compared with their less talented peers, are:

  • 3x more likely to build large businesses and to grow them significantly
  • 4x more likely to create jobs
  • 4x more likely to exceed profit goals
  • 5x more likely to exceed sales goals

In short, learning agility, entrepreneurs’ psychology and innate talents are top predictors of business potential.

  • identify high potentials
  • assess your entrepreneurial talents needed to build large projects
  • get guidance on how to maximize your entrepreneurial potential and teams